Peer-Reviewed Books

Burnet, Jennie E. 2012. Genocide Lives in Us: Women, Memory and Silence in Rwanda. Madison, Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin Press.
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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Bauer, Gretchen, and Jennie E. Burnet. (2013) Gender quotas, democracy, and women’s representation in Africa: Some insights from democratic Botswana and autocratic Rwanda.” Women’s Studies International Forum. doi:

Burnet, Jennie E. (2012). Sexual Violence, Female Agencies, and Sexual Consent: Complexities of Sexual Violence in the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. African Studies Review 55 (2):97-118.

Burnet, Jennie E. (2011). Women Have Found Respect: Gender Quotas, Symbolic Representation and Female Empowerment in Rwanda. Politics & Gender 7 (3):303-334.

Burnet, Jennie E. (2009). La injusticia de la justicia local: verdad, reconciliación y venganza en Ruanda. Revista de Estudios sobre Genocidio 3(noviembre):24-46.

Burnet, Jennie E. (2008). The Injustice of Local Justice: Truth, Reconciliation and Revenge in Rwanda. Journal of Genocide Studies and Prevention 3(2):173-193.

Burnet, Jennie E. (2008). Gender Balance and the Meanings of Women in Governance in Post-Genocide Rwanda. African Affairs 107(428):361-386.

Book Chapters

Burnet, Jennie E. (2012). Women’s Empowerment and Cultural Change in Rwanda. In Susan Franceschet, Mona Lena Krook, & Jennifer Piscopo (Eds.) The Impact of Quotas on Women’s Descriptive, Substantive, and Symbolic Representation. Pp. 190-207. Oxford, England: Oxford University Press.

Burnet, Jennie E. (2010). (In)justice: Truth, Reconciliation and Revenge in Rwanda’s Gacaca. In Alexander Laban Hinton (Ed.) Transitional Justice: Global Mechanisms and Local Realities after Genocide and Mass Violence. Pp. 95-118. New Brunswick, New Jersey:  Rutgers University Press.

Burnet, Jennie E. (2009). Whose Genocide? Whose Truth? Representations of victim and perpetrator in Rwanda. In Alex Hinton & Kevin O’Neill (Eds.)  Genocide: Truth, Memory and Representation. Pp. 80-100. Durham, North Carolina:  Duke University Press. 

Burnet, Jennie E. (2007). Rwanda. In Countries at the Crossroads 2007: A Survey of Democratic Governance. Pp. 571-597. Freedom House (Ed.). Lanham, Maryland: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers Inc.

Burnet, Jennie E. and RISD. (2003). Culture, Practice, and Law:  Women’s Access to Land in Rwanda.  In L. M. Wanyeki (Ed.) Women and Land in Africa: Culture, Religion and Realizing Women’s Rights. Pp. 176-206. New York: Zed Books.

Burnet, Jennie E. (1996).  The Good Fight: Human Rights Advocacy.  In The Future is Ours.  John W. Bartlett, ed.  New York: Henry Holt and Co.

 Policy Papers & Research Reports

Burnet, Jennie E. (2005). Women’s Health: Attitudes and Practices in North Carolina. Raleigh, NC: North Carolina Healthy Start Foundation (June).

Burnet, Jennie E. (2002).  Policy Initiative for Child-Headed Households and other Vulnerable Children in Rwanda.  Kigali:  CARE International in Rwanda (August).

Burnet, Jennie E. and Agnès Mujawayezu. (2002). Gender, Ethnicity and other forms of Diversity in CARE-Rwanda’s Personnel and Programs.  Kigali:  CARE International in Rwanda (April).

Burnet, Jennie E. and RISD. (2001). Culture, Practice, and Law:  Women’s Access to Land in Rwanda.  Kigali:  Rwanda Initiative for Sustainable Development.

Oldham, Linda, Jennie E. Burnet, and Scholas Murebwayire. (2001). Mid-Term Evaluation of the Local Governance Initiative.  Kigali:  Africare-Rwanda.

Burnet, Jennie E. and Jacqueline Mukandamage. (2000). Réseau des Femmes Oeuvrant pour le Dévéloppement Rural:  An Organizational Case Study.  Washington, DC:  Center for Development Information and Evaluation, United States Agency for International Development.

 Other Articles

Burnet, Jennie E. (2004). Conceiving Unity in Rwanda. Anthropology News 45(9).

Burnet, Jennie E. (2004). Writing Grant Proposals (Give Me the Money!)  Chapel Hill:  UNC-CH Writing Center.  Electronic document,, accessed September 21, 2004.

Book Reviews

Burnet, Jennie E. (2010). Review of Christianity and Genocide in Rwanda by Timothy Longman.  In The International Journal of African Historical Studies 43(3):516-517.

Burnet, Jennie E. (2008). Review of Murambi, the Book of Bones by Boubacar Boris Diop, translated by Fiona Mc Laughlin.  African Studies Review 51(3):213-214.

Burnet, Jennie E. (2008). Review of The Order of Genocide by Scott Straus. Africa Today 54(4):116-119.

Burnet, Jennie E. (2007). Review of Brickyards to Graveyards by Villia Jefremovas. African Studies Review 50(1).

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